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Aysafam Acrylic paint for metals

Aysafam metal acrylic paint dries quickly after application on the surface so it can be repainted. The technology of this paint is water-based and derived from acrylic resins. Due to the non-use of harmful organic solvents and petroleum products, as well as 100% acrylic formula and washable film, this paint is a  suitable choice for use on metal surfaces.

Recommended for use:

It is recommended to use this acrylic paint for metal surfaces, installation pipes, inside and outside tanks, water channels, etc.

Advantages of Acrylic paint for metals

easy to apply, impressive coverage, 100% acrylic latex, washable mold resistance, weather conditions resistance, impact and stain resistance, excellent durability and adhesion, free of harmful environmental effects, easy usage and friendly to your health.

How to apply the paint:

Clean the metal surface and allow it to dry completely. Then clean it from any rust and corrosion, then apply the special acrylic paint coating of Aysafam metal on the surface.

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