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Aysafam’s mother acrylic paint

Aysafam’s mother acrylic paint is water-based and is based on acrylic resins. This paint should be thinned with water when used.

In many cases, painting a building requires the use of a specific color spectrum, which is not available in the market. It is possible to create a variety of acrylic paints using the Aysafam’s mother acrylic paint.

Recommended for use:

It is recommended to use Aysafam’s mother acrylic paint for painting interior walls, interior ceilings, and ceilings with old paintings. This paint can be applied to other surfaces such as plaster, wood, brick, cement, etc.

Advantages of Aysafam’s mother acrylic paint

easy to apply, impressive coverage, 100% acrylic latex, washable mold resistance, weather conditions resistance, impact and stain resistance, excellent durability and adhesion, free of harmful environmental effects, easy usage and friendly to your health.

How to apply the paint:

Stir the color thoroughly to make it uniform. Use a high-quality roller, polyester brush, or airless spray. Paint the ceilings first and then the walls. If using a roller, move from dry to wet.

For putty surfaces, allow the paint to dry longer and then apply the next coat. For better coverage of dark or light colors, it may be necessary to apply one to two coats. Climatic conditions and the way of execution are very important in the final result.

Airless spray:

Pressure: 2000 PSI

Brush: High-quality polyester

Roller: High-quality with 3.8-inch lint

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