Aysafam paint

Atlas Fam Yasin Company produces different building paints with Aysafam and Roozbeh brands.

The company has been able to produce all kinds of water-based paints and semi-water-based paints, oil-based paints, exterior acrylic paints, interior acrylic paints, different types of adhesives and, thinners.

Furthermore, it goes forward by combining basics paint with computer-equipped and up-to-date computer devices.


Interior paints

Aysafam’s “acrylic paints” and “water-based paints” can be used for all interior surfaces of the building, such as walls and ceilings. One of the features of this product is that it is odorless and nature-friendly; we guarantee your health.

Exterior paints

These products make the exterior of the building beautiful and different. Feel the difference with the exterior of your building with us.

Building Chemistry

By using building chemicals such as various types of insulation, the durability, and quality of executive materials increase, so the final result is significantly improved. Quality is our motto.

Color combination device

With this device, do not worry about your desired color combination. Ask us for your desired color.

Contact us for buy, advice on building painting, paint prices, and choosing the best color.